Team Strength and Conditioning

The BodyWorx Strength & Conditioning program’s goal is to achieve a maximal level of performance of each athlete while reducing the occurrence of athletic injuries through a sport specific program based on each athlete’s needs.

Training programs are designed to increase an athlete’s explosive power, strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and conditioning, which is required by all athletes who want to be successful. Through a wide range of training protocols such as Olympic lifting, power lifting, strong man training, and accommodating resistance training such as with bands and chains, the strength staff’s programs are always challenging the athlete to become faster, stronger and more explosive.

The BodyWorx Strength and Conditioning staff challenges each athlete to work each day to improve both physically and mentally. Effort, attitude and discipline are the three fundamental blocks of the strength staff’s philosophy. The full-time strength coach in the BodyWorx strength training facility is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA). This is the most comprehensive certification of its kind.


ez“In preparation for my upcoming 2017 football season over in America with Indy Eleven in the North American Soccer League, I began work up in Shoreline Leisure Bray just before the new year. Shoreline’s all-round facilities were easily better than everything I saw. Their swimming pool, sauna and steam room facilities were great but their S&C area in their athletic development centre was the difference. I worked alongside their highly recommended strength and conditioning coach, Kevin Foley. He put together a 6 week program tailored personally to my specific needs that would enable me go into my pre-season fully fit and athletically developed to give me an extra edge over the competition. Concentrating on getting lean after a month lay off, building strength in my muscles and getting my full body conditioned for my hectic football season to come was the goal. Genuinely, Kevin was exactly what i needed. His attention to detail and knowledge and motivation was second to none. I’ve been in this game for a long, long time, and Kevin is someone I would recommend to anyone who is serious about getting their ass in shape., whether your a professional athlete or just someone who’s serious about a change. Overall, standard of equipment, level of expertise and the training that they provide for me makes them one of the best all round gyms I’ve used.

Lastly, I want to thank the guys and gals at Shoreline Leisure Bray for looking after me and helping me in the direction of achieving my next goal, to be the MVP in my league this year.

Thanks for everything – Kev, your a legend, keep up the great work”

– Eamon Zayed (



ste fightRob Carry, head coach at Jai Sua Muay Thai   Jai-Sua-Muay-Thai-Logo jpeg

Just over a month ago, I brought in Shoreline’s strength and conditioning team to put together a tailored program for my 10-strong team of fighters. The goal was to make them leaner (so that they could compete at lower weights) while also improving strength and stamina levels. The program, despite being just a few weeks old, is already showing extremely impressive results.

The fighters, who were already training up to five or six times per week using more traditional methods of conditioning, have seen serious improvements in their stamina. The fighters are getting stronger – lifting heavier weights week by week and recovery times have reduced.

In general, fitness levels have gone through the roof. My team of fighters are already looking leaner – one student dropped from over 16% body fat to 10% in four weeks, with more no doubt to come.

The knowledge the strength and conditioning team have at their disposal is very much worth tapping into. It has brought what were already high grade athletes to the next level and has given them an extra edge in the ring.

Another big advantage of effectively outsourcing much of the strength and conditioning work fighters require is that it leaves more class time free to focus on technique. This in turn has also accelerated the development of our fighters’ in terms of their skill. I can’t recommend the team of experts at Shoreline highly enough.

For further information on team training packages, please contact Kevin Foley at