Shoreline Bray -Summer Intensive Swimming Lessons

Summer Intensive Swimming Lessons take place throughout the month of July and August in Shoreline Leisure Bray. They are a week long (Monday-Friday) 40min lesson. These daily lessons are a great way of improving technique and skills in just one week. Our intensive swimming lessons allow for faster progression as the skills learnt are carried forward to the next day with less time spent recapping the previous class. These lessons are ideally aimed at those swimmers who are already in lessons or are familiar with pool settings (ie been to a pool setting more then once and comfortable in water) and looking to improve skills and/or gain more water confidence during these weeklong lessons. Our summer intensive lessons will cover from level 1-level 3A

Our small group numbers in our intensive lessons meaning our swimming instructors can give more attention and deliver a highly motivated swimming lessons to each swimmer. The price for the summer intensive lessons is €70.00 per swimmer per week. Please see date, time and levels covered below.

Important: Please note these summer lessons are not linked with our Shoreline swim school lessons that run throughout the academic year and you are only applying for a week (or more) of summer intensive lessons, this application is not for our Shoreline swimming lessons.

Week 1Monday 4th -Friday 8th July 20223.10pm-3.50pmLevel 1, 2, 3A
Week 2Monday 11th -Friday 15th July 20223.10pm-3.50pmLevel 1, 2, 3A
Week 3Monday 8th -Friday 12th August 20223.10pm-3.50pmLevel 1, 2, 3A
Week 4Monday 15th -Friday 19th August 20223.10pm-3.50pmLevel 1, 2, 3A

Level Criteria


  • Never had lessons before or are nevvous in the water
  • Must be four years old
  • Cannot put face in the water
  • Still using armbands or floats
  • Cannot swim unassisted on their back


  • 4-5 years olds(average age)
  • Gaining confidence in water
  • Able to kick across the pool, face in the water on their front
  • Introduction to arm technique
  • No Armbands


  • Can Swim half length of main pool on front and back in shallow water
  • Improving on arms and breathing technique
  • Must be comfortable going under the water