Swim Lessons FAQs

Please note that things will be a little different, but rest assured we will be operating in adherence with public health guidance, and we will implement guidance with your co-operation. We want to thank all our members for supporting us over the last few months and to all of our staff who have been working hard to get our swim school ready for its big splash back. Please read the below carefully.

How Swim Lessons Will Work

  • Please make sure your child is Swim-Ready. This means coming to our facility with their swim-wear under their clothes or wearing a towel-robe to reduce changing time before and after lessons
  • Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your class starts
  • Please do not enter the building until a member of our team signals to do so.
  • Our staff will direct you and your child to where they can get ready for class.
  • Each class level will have its own designated changing area, where you will be allocated your own cubicle to be used for the duration of the lesson.
  • Our levels 4 and level 5 groups are in their own changing area (split between boys and girls). We ask all parents/guardians to respect this changing area for the swimmers only and wait at the collection point before and after the class.  

  • Once your child is ready for their lesson, your child will be directed to stand in their designated area – this is where they will wait for their class to start. Signage will also be in place to assist.
  • Once lessons have ended, your child will again get the opportunity to use the pre shower area (this will be a very short shower to wash any chlorine residue from the swim togs) and then be directed to the changing area. Please don’t delay in getting changed. Hair dryers will not be available for use.
  • We ask that Parents/Guardians promptly collect your child after their lesson has finished in a timely manner. Follow signage and the direction of staff to exit the building as quickly as possible..
  •  We still have a policy of 1 parent/guardian per 1 child participating in swimming lessons to prevent overcrowding in the changing area and viewing gallery

Children Lane Training: We ask that you follow the above also but if possible to adapt a system of dropping your swimmer at reception , they will then make their way to the changing area. This is to prevent overcrowding in the changing village and viewing areas.

If you have any further queries, please email