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Important Swimming Lessons Information

As you may be aware , due to current Restrictions there will be a number of changes to the services provided by Shoreline Leisure including swimming lessons, which have now temporally hit pause.

Term 1 will recommence as soon as restrictions are lifted. Term 2 Lessons will continue straight after term 1 lessons. If you have not re-enrolled into term 2 as of yet please contact swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie

Please note your HomePortal has been deactivated while lessons remain ceased. This will not affect your current account or status within the swim school

Re-Enrolment: Current Swim Members

It is vital that each and every swim member Re-Enrols into Term 2 in order to allow for a smooth transition and to ensure the Homeportal recognises that you are still an active swim member for Term 2.  Your co-operation re-enrolling on time will prevent any delays in restarting term 2 lessons.  Please contact reception or email swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie in order to re-enrol

Not Continuing Lessons
Please do not Re-Enrol into Term 2 and kindly inform our swim coordinator at swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie

Swim Member HomePortal

Please note it is the responsibility of each swim member to keep active on your personal Homeportal. Updates regarding cancelled classes, any change in swim times, days and new starting dates will always be updated and live on your HomePortal.

Looking For Swim School Lessons Information?

Looking To Join Our Swim School?

At this moment we are at max capacity within our swim school. We do not have a set date for our next enrollment. We predict a new intake will be late 2021. Please keep an eye on our social media outlets and website for further updates regarding our next swim intake.