Greystones Gym

Our gym is fully equipped with a wide selection of treadmills, cross trainers and exercise bikes to combine all your cardiovascular training needs. We also have a wide range of weight machines to work all your major muscle groups, as well as a free weights area fully equipped with a huge variety of dumb bells and kettle bells to meet all your toning or strength training needs. If you prefer a class environment, we offer a wide variety of classes in our virtual fitness classes area located in our sports hall (during current restrictions)

The Gym has a diverse membership base with membership open to the general public, students & older adults 55+. Our Gyms have dual use equipment, suitable for customers with additional needs

General Gym Rules

  • Our Gym is Members Only Access
  • Each customer is responsible for disinfecting their chosen equipment Before and After use
  • No persons under the ages of 16 permitted in the gym except at Teen Gym sessions under supervision. Proof of age may be required. NB. On occasion children under 16 may use the gym through a specific programme or under instruction by a qualified individual, i.e. Teen Gym.(13-16 years old)
  • No food, glass bottles or chewing gum allowed.
  • Proper sports attire and footwear must be worn at all times when using the fitness centre.
  • Customers may not use the gym without proper footwear as this may cause injury or damage to the gym equipment. Customers are not permitted to leave bags or personal belongings in the gym area and must use lockers provided.
  • Customers must place the weights and plates back on the racks when they are finished using them.
  • Dropping weights on the floor is not permitted as it can result in injury and damage the weights.