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What Is Coursepro?

Coursepro is our swim school digital platform allowing all Parents and Guardians to have their own personal Swim School Portal. From this personal portal you can review:

  • Your child’s weekly progress
  • Where they are being moved to as they develop their skills and technique
  • Make Online Payments each term
  • View their Swim Course History

Shoreline Leisure Swim Schools swim portal makes it easier for you to track how your child is progressing and make it much easier for making payments.

Using the latest technology, CoursePro allows the Shoreline Swim Teachers to log activity in real-time using a tablet. The system simplifies the administration process aiming to improve customer service, and aid retention. The transfer from paper to tablet however, will make lessons and courses far easier to manage and will be environmentally friendlier. The register is simple to use, testing sheets are also simple to use, and even the movement around class levels is easy to understand. Our system aims to be more personal and help with development of each members individual needs throughout the Swim School. The software enables parental interaction via a HomePortal, where customers can view teacher feedback, re-enrol and pay for future lessons.

What is the HomePortal?

The software enables parental interaction via a HomePortal., It will allow the Parent/ guardian to login from home, view the progress a child is making and make payments and movements online.

How Do I Set Up My Home Portal?

Once your child/children information has been processed you will then be sent a notification via your email in order to activate your account.

  • You should have received an email inviting  you to join the Home Portal (please contact swimschool@shorelineleisure if you did not receive one , also please do check your spam email also ). Click the link attached. The link will bring you to this screen
  • Choose which security question to answer, either date of birth or postcode
  • If neither of these are stored on the system , the following error will be displayed

If this happens please contact reception

  • You will then enter your email address and choose a password on the right hand side of Section 2. Your Account. Then click the “Create new account” button
  • This will bring you to the following screen where you must enter your email address and password on the left

If you have more then two members in the swim school you can share  the portal by logging into your account as normal and doing the following:

On the left hand side of your portal click ‘ADD PEOPLE’. You will then be brought to a screen. Please follow the four step process. For the ‘Member ID’ that is needed in step 1 please contact reception.

What if I Don’t Want To Set Up HomePortal?

That is perfectly fine, we will set one up on your behalf so that your child/children will become members and be shown on the teachers tablet when teaching lessons. When enrolling for the next term you can do so at reception and we will update it all for you.

When I Enrolled as a new swim school member I never received an activation email  

Please check your spam inbox, as we it may have been sent there. If not please email where we can proceed with taking your details and getting you, all set up on our new system

If you have any further queries regarding are Coursepro Homeportal Software;