Charlesland Summer Camp 2014

Summer Camps 2014

Camp Action Adventure

Ages: 5 to 13 years of age

Activities include: Archery, Soccer, Dodgeball, Tennis, High Jump, Long Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Parachute Games, Scooter Fun, Spaceball ( Weather/Height Dependent) and much more fun sporting activities.

Camp Times: 10.00am until 3.00pm

Cost: €65.00 per child per week


  • Week 1:  30th June to 4th July
  • Week 2:  7th to 11th July
  • Week 3:  14th to 18th July
  • Week 4:  21st to 25th July
  • Week 5:  28th July to 1st August
  • Week 6:  5th to 8th August (4days)  €52.00
  • Week 7:  11th to 15th August
  • Week 8:  18th to 22nd August

Stepping Stones Athletic Camp

Ages: 3 to 4 years of age

Activities include: Long jump, High Jump, Hurdles, Ladder Fun, Parachute Games, Bean Bag Games, Plyometrics, Mini Relay Races, Gymnastics, Arts and Crafts and lots more fun activities

Cost: €70.00 per child per week

Camp Times: 10.00am until 1.00pm


  • Week 1:  30th June to 3rd July
  • Week 2:  7th to 10th July
  • Week 3:  14th to 17th July
  • Week 4:  21st to 24th July
  • Week 5:  28th to 31st July
  • Week 6:  5th to 8th August
  • Week 7:  11th to 14th August
  • Week 8: 18th to 21st August

Kool Kickers Soccer Camp

Ages: 3 to 6 years of age

Activities include: Soccer Drills and Skills, Penalty Shoot out, Skills Competition, Fun Soccer Games and lots more soccer fun

Cost: €70.00 per child per week

Camp Times: 10.00-1.00pm


  • Week 1:  7th to 10th July
  • Week 2:  21st to 24th July
  • Week 3:  5th to 8th August
  • Week 4: 18th to 21st August

Camp Info

  • Application Forms are available at the Reception Area of the Shoreline Sports Park
  • Full Payment is needed to secure places
  • Payment is regarded as acceptance of the terms and conditions
  • No Refunds can be made for cancellations unless a medical certificate is provided
  • Spaceball is height restrictive at 1.4 metres
  • Shoreline Sports Park shall not be responsible for children left unsupervised at the Park before the start of Camp