Charlesland Children’s Programmes (Sept-Jun term only)

10.00-10.45am Tumbling Toddlers10.00-10.45am Tumbling Toddlers (currently not running, waiting list in place)10.00-10.45am Tumbling Toddlers
2.15-3.00pm Tumble Gym2.15-3.00pm Tumble Gym2.15-3.00pm Tumble Gym
3.00-3.45pm Stepping Stones3.00-3.45pm Kool Kickers3.00-3.45pm Kool Kickers
4.00-4.45pm Tumble Ability5.00-6.00pm Little Athletics

Please note that our indoor classes are not taking place at the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions. We are taking names for the next term on our interest list, for when the restrictions are lifted.

Tumbling Toddlers (18mths-3yrs)

Tumbling Toddlers is a gymnastic based class where exercise is developed through fun, creative games and play. Each session is varied to promote the child’s movement, posture and balance. This is an interactive class where both parents and child interact together in the class. The child should be walking to participate fully in this class

Tumble Gym (3-6 years)

It is an introduction into the world of fitness and gymnastics for kids. It is a fun energetic class, which helps to promote the child’s movement, balance and posture. Children learn the basics of floor work, bench work, using equipment such as rings, ladders etc

Kool Kickers (3-6 Years)

Kool Kickers is a fun Introduction to Soccer through Running, Jumping and Kicking. Each child will learn to have confidence with a ball. They shall learn to dribble and shoot with the ball and not just run around following the ball. Kool Kickers will give children confidence in playing Soccer before they join a soccer club. All coaches are qualified through the Football Assocation of Ireland (F.A.I.) Kickstart Level 1/2.

Little Athletics (5-6 Years)

Little Athletics centres on the use of games to provide fun while developing fitness. Hurdles,Long Jump, Foam Javelins, Obstacle Relays, Scooters, Ball Throw and lots more. Membership is €30.00 for Greystones Athletics Club with €3.00 per session.

Stepping Stones Athletics (3-6 Years)

Stepping Stones is an introduction to athletics through fun and movement, where running, jumping and throwing will be developed.

~ Throwing Skills: Javelin / Shot Putt / Discus
~ Jumping Skills: High Jump / Long Jump / Plyometrics
~ Balance Skills: Egg n Spoon / Gymnastics
~ Fun Games: Bean Bags / Obstacle Relays / Parachute


(In conjunction with academic calendars)