Shoreline Sportspark Birthday Parties

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We have a range of party packages to suit all!


Bubble football is the sport of playing football while the upper body is encased in a transparent inflatable bubble, similar to a zorb. Players have a large inflatable Zorb -Like suit that they pull over their heads before playing a match. The same rules of normal football apply, with teams looking to score into their rival team’s goal, though the game is given added fun obstacle due to the presence of the bubble.



Cost and Details:

1hour Bubble Football and 1 Hour Party Room Hire with Instructor (max 10 Children) = €135.00

From 6 Years + (must be 1m in Height)


Dodgeball is a sport played by throwing soft balls at the opposing team. The goal is to be the last one to be hit with the ball. If a player is hit by the ball, he or she should go to the outside of the court to the other team.  Kids love this party package. It is more than just a game, kids learn throwing, catching techniques and of course, they learn how to duck, dive, dip and DODGE a ball. They will participate in a variety of skills challenges, competition and games. Your children will learn new skills while having a blast and making new friends. 

Cost and Details:

Dodgeball takes place on our Astro turf with a variety of softballs used.

1 Hour of Dodgeball and 1 Hour Party Rook Hire with Instructor (max 15 Children) = €75.00

*Additional Instructor (Weekdays only) €22.50


Our Basketball party is played between two teams. To score points, players shoot a ball through high hoops, which are located at either end of the court. Players move the ball around the court by throwing, or passing, it to a teammate.As a very social sport, playing basketball helps kids develop their communication and social skills. They learn how to talk to others, make new friends and it gives them an understanding of the different abilities of other people. Most importantly through playing basketball kids learn that being active is fun.

Cost and Details


1 Hour Basketball Games and 1 Hour Party Room Hire with Instructor (max 15 Children) = €65.00

Additional Instructor (only weekdays) €22.50


Football Parties are a great way to celebrate your childs birthday! Theres numerous packages available.

Fun Games and a match with Penalty Shoot outs to finish. Theres something for everyone.

Kids learn to kick and control the ball through play. Its for all ages and its a great party package to get everyone involved !


Cost and Details:

1 Hour Football with Instructor (15 kids max) and 1 Hour Room hire = €75

1.5 hrs Football with Instructor (15 kids max and 10 years & over) and 30 mins room = €100

1 Hour Football with Parent Supervision before 3pm Sat/Sun and 1 Hour Room hire = €55

1 Hour Football with Parent Supervision after 3pm Sat/Sun/ Midweek and 1 Hour Room hire = €70

1.5 hrs Football with Parent Supervision Sat/Sun/Midweek and 30 mins room = €85


Children are taught how to shoot a bow and hit the archery targets.

Ready to take your Birthday party to the next level? Bring that birthday girl or boy to Archery Arena! During the birthday party they will receive archery training and then be able to battle it out in the target area! Learn archery fundamentals and play fun archery games. Our instructors will make it fun for everyone in your group.


Cost and Details:

1 Hour of Archery and 1 Hour of Party Room Hire with Instructor (max 10 Children over the age of 8 years) =€90.00


We bring the fun with a variety of team-building games and Packages are tailored based on the interests of your child. Most of our track party packages include: Fun, games, obstacle relays, bean bag races , scooters and much more. Our kids track parties provide every child with an unrivalled fun and entertaining experience on their special birthday day! Our kids Athletics parties feature high energy fun games that are aimed to engage every child while providing the birthday girl or boy with a day to remember!

Cost and Details

1 Hour of Track Games and 1 Hour of Party Room Hire with Instructor (max 15 Children) =€80.00

Additional Instructor (only weekdays) €22.50



Room Hire has only table and chairs. All food, decorations, music must be supplied by party host

All food must be brought into the premises, we do not have a food licence so cannot have food prepared/cooked on site.

Parties on the weekend are structure back-to-back, please ensure parties are finished up and cleared as stipulated on booking time to allow other parties to set up time

if your party group fail to turn up without cancelling the full charge will remain due

Park closes at 6.00pm on Sat/Sun, tidy up should be done before then.

All Rubbish must be brought home.


15 Children Per Instructor

Only one Instructor available on Saturday/Sundays

Additional Instructors available midweek and cost €22.50 per instructor

If a party turns up with more than 15 children, the parents will have to supervise these children themselves during the first hour in the party room or playground.

Parents may coach the party themselves and can have as many children as they wish at the party (Hire facilities only)








Saturday & Sunday



All prices are stipulated individually on each birthday package.

A €20.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the booking.

The balance is to be paid in full on the day of the party.

**Archery is only available from April to Sept due to it being held outdoors and equipment is in storage during winter months

**Bubble Football is more fun with only 10 children as all get their own ball



Parties are brought indoors if raining, the room has limited space so we would ask parents to wait in the party room or outside the door if they wish to watch.

Parties booked without an instructor must go ahead outdoors.

Parties may hire an instructor on the day to do an indoor party, however there must be a parent to help coach if more than 15 children.