In Shoreline Leisure Bray, we have experienced and qualified instructors that can cater for all levels of ability, from the nervous swimmer to advance swimming We not only aim to teach your children to swim, but to help them develop an understanding of the water. Our teachers create a fun and relaxed environment in which your child can actively develop their swimming skills. Our classes are taught in small groups, allowing instructors to take a very personal approach to each participant and allow children and adults to learn and acquire new skills at their own pace. Our shoreline swim team is made by professional individuals that have a reliable approach to teaching. We provide a warm welcome and ongoing support for anyone who wants to swim, with classes for babies, children and adults alike.

For Current Swim School Members please see the bellow information regarding your membership:

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We are currently full in our Term 1 lessons. Term 2 will begin in November and we will very limited places for offer. Our open enrollment date for new members will be Thursday 21st October from 9am (please note this is subject to change and availability) Not ever level will go on offer each term, it all depends on availability and this can vary from term to term. We will our best to accommodate all swim inquiry’s. Please note that we do not take a waiting list for any level within our swim school. You can view bellow any availability for each term or contact our swim team today for any further information.