Shoreline Bray Gym

Our gym is fully equipped with a wide selection of treadmills, cross trainers, and exercise bikes to combine all your cardiovascular training needs. We also have a wide range of weight machines to work all your major muscle groups, as well as a free weights area fully equipped with a huge variety of dumbbells and kettlebells to meet all your toning or strength training needs. We also have our Bodyworx area complete with a full range of equipment for strength & conditioning training. If you prefer a class environment, we offer a wide variety of classes in our fitness studios.

The Gym has a diverse membership base with membership open to the general public, students & older adults 55+. Our Gyms have dual use equipment, suitable for customers with additional needs

At Shoreline Leisure we encourage and coach our members to be the best version of themselves they can be. To push beyond their limits and to explore extremes outside their comfort zones. We’re dedicated to helping men and women who struggle with weight loss, decreased energy and fitness levels, poor mobility and flexibility to get back to levels they didn’t think possible. We cater for all Fitness Levels, from those who have never stepped inside a gym before to those who have played team sports and those who want to take the guessing away from what they should be doing in the gym. We constantly work hard to improve our knowledge of all things health and fitness related so our members get the best plan for them, and our ultimate goal is to help our members to change their lives for the better.

Cardio Equipment

Free Weights

Assisted weights machines

Functional Training Zone

Strength & Conditioning Zone

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member can I use the gym facilities all the time?

Yes, as a member our gym facilities are available to use. However if you are on Off Peak membership you will be retricted to the following hours:

Shoreline Leisure Bray Off Peak Hours:  Monday to Friday: 6.30am-5pm and Sunday 2-6pm

I am not a member, can I purchase a day pass?

We do not offer day passes or PAYG options. Our gym is only open for members. If you are interested in joining a member of our team will gladly show you the gym and talk through the best membership option to suit.

Are fitness assessments included?

Yes, throughout your membership you can avail of fitness assessments with any our fully qualified fitness team.

How Can I join The Gym?

Check our our membership options here. 

You can contact us on also for further queries

How does the Direct Debit work?

We work on a pro-rate system, so you pay for the current month you sign up in and the following month (i.e., you join in September you will pay for the rest of that month and the next month (i.e., October) upfront upon your membership sign up) Your direct debit will then be taken on the third month (i.e., November). It Is normally taken on the first of each month, however depending on Bank holidays/ weekends this may change within the first few days of the month. If you wish to cancel it is just a months’ notice which you can give at reception via our membership cancelation form. We have no cancelation or join up fee.

Do you have changing facilites and lockers for my gym bag?

Yes we have individual lockers in all the changing rooms. Our lockers take a (refundable) €1 coin. Gym bags are not allowed in the gym area.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Members must be 16 years old before becoming a member of Shoreline Leisure to use our gym facilities. We offer child membership for under 16’s that can be added onto any of our adult memberships. A member of our membership team can help chose the best membership to suit your needs.

Gym Policy

  • Our Gym is Members Only Access
  • Each customer is responsible for disinfecting their chosen equipment Before and After use
  • No persons under the ages of 16 permitted in the gym except at Teen Gym sessions under supervision. Proof of age may be required. NB. On occasion children under 16 may use the gym through a specific programme or under instruction by a qualified individual, i.e. Teen Gym.(13-16 years old)
  • Health Screening questions to be completed.
  • You must use your fob to enter the facility each time at reception and to enter the gym area
  • No food, glass bottles or chewing gum allowed.
      • Proper sports attire and footwear must be worn at all times when using the fitness centre.
      • Customers may not use the gym without proper footwear as this may cause injury or damage to the gym equipment. Customers are not permitted to leave bags or personal belongings in the gym area and must use lockers provided.
      • Customers must place the weights and plates back on the racks when they are finished using them.
      • Dropping weights on the floor is not permitted as it can result in injury and damage the weights.