Bray Environmental

Environmental Management Plan

The following are examples of initiatives in place throughout the centre:

  • Provision of recycling stations in order to encourage both staff and patrons to recycle.
  • The use of pool covers outside operational hours in order to reduce energy consumption and conserve heat loss.
  • Environmental statement on outgoing electronic mail.
  • External recycling stations on the astro-turf pitches.
  • Pool backwashing based on usage and pool water testing.
  • Push button taps are operational in all areas where possible.
  • Energy efficient air handling units and gas boilers.
  • Sensory lighting.
  • Automatic doors to reduce heat loss.
  • Building Managemnet System.

The Future

Improvements for the future include:

  • Continuous promotion of environmental issues as part of our events calender.
  • Promotion of governement cycle to work scheme.
  • Continuous research into the latest developments in environmental products and systems.