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Shoreline Leisure Disability Mission Statement

It is the aim of Shoreline Leisure Bray to make our centre and all activities accessible to all members of the community. The management and staff strive to achieve an inclusive sports centre where all people of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Our sports centre aims to include all adults and children in every aspect of the centre’s programmes. When necessary, support and training is given to teachers or instructors to assist them to adapt classes to include all users. All staff are given in-service training and the option to participate on training courses.

We encourage young people with disabilities to participate in our activity camps and lessons and will adapt our structures and planning to include every child to the fullest if their ability.

Accessibility Policy

Shoreline Leisure Bray is committed to ongoing inclusion of all people with disabilities and the continuous development of the facility and services in order to achieve a fully inclusive centre.

In order to achieve this shoreline leisure aims to:

  • Train and educate staff as to the needs of people with a disability
  • Promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities
  • Provide universal accessibility to all areas of the centre
  • Encourage participation of people with disabilities in all the services available


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Physical Access

From the initial design and build stage of Shoreline Leisure Bray and through consultation with various disability access groups the following provisions have been implemented

  • Designated disabled6af3237b31 parking spaces.
  • Dropped kerbs at all walk ways & tactile warnings to indicate crossing points.
  • Push button activated entry and exit doors.
  • Two tiered reception deck.
  • All centre information available in braille.
  • Visual aids on cardio vascular equipment.
  • Health screening forms and exercise programs available on USB, CD or via email.
  • Induction loop system
  • Disability access gates & lift to first floor.
  • Braille on door signage.
  • Contrasting colour schemes of walls, skirting, flooring and doors throughout the building
  • Natural light in pool, gym, fitness studios, viewing gallery & lobby area.
  • Designated disabled toilet, shower and changing facilities.
  • Pool hoist, Dianna hoist and wet area wheel chair
  • Shallow step entrance to pools complete with hand rails.
  • Fire evacuation chair
  • active grip 2 Assisted grip aids.

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Carer’s Policy

In 2009 Shoreed6c86f5feline Leisure Bray introduced a carer’s policy in order to meet the unique requirements of patrons who would be otherwise unable to avail of the centres facilities / services without the assistance of a carer. Our policy states that in the event of an individual(s) acting in their official role as a carer, they are entitled to use the facilities / services free of charge. In order to administer the policy any individual(s) acting as a care must produce written confirmation / identification from their employer.

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Current Initiatives

  • Cardiac Rehab.
  • Ongoing staff training.
  • Designated disability officer
  • Carers Policy.
  • Work experience “IASE National Job Shadow Initiative”.
  • Timetabling.
  • Enable Ireland “Sports Inclusion Workshops”.
  • ISTA “Integration of children with special needs into swimming classes”