Bray Adult Swimming Lessons

As an adult we understand that learning to swim can be a very daunting challenge.  The first step is choosing shoreline leisure to help you learn to swim, we will be with you every step of your swim journey. Our swim teachers are highly qualified in delivering the highest standard of swim lessons and experienced in dealing with the unique challenges of learning to swim as an adult– you are never ‘too old to learn’!. Our swim teachers will aim to ensure you have the best experience possible. We aim to provide you with a relaxed, comfortable and social atmosphere to take away the stress associated with learning a new skill and help you overcome the inevitable struggles and challenges. We cater for adult swimmers of all levels of ability. Whether you are a complete beginner who might be very nervous or the more advanced swimmer who wants to brush up on some techniques, you can benefit from joining one of our 8-week adult programmes.

We have 3 different levels; Level 1 Beginners. Level 2 Intermediate & Level 3 Advanced. Each of our levels are focused on specific skills to help you progress as quickly as possible. Please find a description of each level bellow:

  • Each term is 8 weeks long
  • Each lesson is 45 minutes long
  • Lessons are on a Wednesday: 7.30 – 8.10pm

Level 1 (Main Pool)

Level 2 (Lane)

Adult Lane Training (Lane Training)

We also run Adult Lane Training on

This is a class is to help improve all over swim technique and stamina over swim distance. You will improve your swim strokes, stamina and swim endurance. You must be able to swim 100m non stop in all 3 strokes Front Crawl, Back Crawl and Breast Stroke, attempting 50m in butterfly. Our Adult Lane Training aims to give swimmers the necessary skills to confidently be able to swim with good technique 50m of the pool. These classes are for people that would like to develop more advanced swimming skills, be able to compete in competitions or become a member of a club.

  • Each term is 8 weeks long
  • Each lesson is 45 minutes long
  • Lessons are on a