Bodyworx Bray

Bodyworx is Shoreline Leisure Bray’s Strength & Conditioning facility, which includes a fully equipped martial arts section. Bodyworx has an exclusive range of state of the art functional strength & conditioning equipment including 3 Olympic lifting platforms, modified strongman training (MST) essentials including prowlers and battle ropes, plyometric platforms, cardio machines as skiers, rowers and assault bikes, and a wide variety of bars, power-bags and kettle-bells.

The Bodyworx program’s goal is designed to help you to achieve your goal!

Our Bodyworx program can help you to achieve a maximal level of performance while reducing the occurrence of injuries and tracking your diet and training, to maximize your results. Whilst you are training within our program, you will have access to a strength and conditioning / fitness coach, a nutritionist specializing in weight loss and metabolism. As we all know, exercise and nutrition complement each other. Shoreline Leisure provides a range of different programs. Click on the links below for more information.

Check our new Adult program bellow, “transFORMation”. Limited slots available. Contact us for further information 012765660 or

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Testimonial – S&C Program

“Whether you’re a professional athlete or just someone who’s serious about a change. Overall, the standard of equipment, level of expertise and the training that Shoreline Leisure has provided for me makes them one of the best gyms around. Lastly, I want to thank the guys and gals at Shoreline Leisure Bray for looking after me and helping me in the direction of achieving my next goal, to be the MVP in my league this year.

Eamon Zayed – Head Coach and Technical Director for Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC in the USL

“I reached a point where I said enough was enough and enrolled in a Strength and Conditioning class. Everyone helps each other and the trainers make sure to change it up for you so you don’t get bored. I saw great results almost immediately and I’m now heading towards losing 4 stone. Its been a life changer for me, I’ve recycled about 11 black bags of clothes and had to buy new suits for work “

-Mick Begley

“since starting the strength and conditioning classes and changing our diet we’ve lost a considerable amount of body fat, gained muscle and increased our fitness…I’m doing exercises now that I never thought I would be able t do. We originally planned to only do one or two courses… we’ll be continuing to do them for the foreseeable future.”

– Clodagh & Enda Gallanagh