ILAM Winner of Overall Leisure Centre 2015, 2016,2017,2018

Bray, Southern Cross Road 01 2765660
Greystones, Mill Road 01 2878180
Sports Park, Charlesland 01 2016145

White Flag

Shoreline Sports Greystones – Gold Award Winner at the White Flag 2015,2016 and 2018 and Winner of Overall Centre of the Year

Shoreline Leisure Greystones have recently been voted Ireland’s best Leisure Centre 2015 by Active Ireland at the annual ILAM White Flag Awards.

The White Flag National Standard is a Leisure Centre & Hotel Leisure award encompassing safety, hygiene, maintenance & environment and customer care.

Criteria for awarding a White Flag

Facilities that can apply for the award must meet certain criteria in relation to:

  • Facility exterior and grounds
  • Facility interior
  • Pools
  • Operations
  • Environmental management
  • Education and information
  • Water quality and treatment.

The standards of the facilities in the areas of safety, hygiene, maintenance, environment and customer service are examined.

For more Information on the white Flag please click link