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Charlesland Summer Camps 2017

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Sports Park Charlesland Kid’s Camps

Camp Action Adventure

Ages: 5 to 13 years of age

Camp Times: 10.00am until 3.00pm

  • Week 1 : 3-7th July
  • Week 2:  10-14th July  (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 3:    17-21st July  (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 4:   24-28th July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 5:   31st July-4th August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 6:   8-11th August (4days €52.00) (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 7:   14-18th August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 8:   21-25th August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Cost: €65.00 per child per week

Contact Shoreline Sports Park: 01-2016145

Activities: Soccer, Dodgeball, Tennis, Basketball, Archery, Athletic Events, Spaceball (Height Restrictive), Gymnastics, Arts and Crafts and lots more.

Stepping Stones Athletic Camp

Ages: 3 & 4 years of age

Camp Times: 10.00am until 1.00pm  (Monday to Thursday)

  • Week 1 : 3-6th July
  • Week 2:  10-13th July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 3:    17-20th July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 4:   24-27th July (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 5:   31st July-3rd August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 6:   8-11th August (Tuesday- Friday) (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 7:   14-17th August (FULLY BOOKED)
  • Week 8:   21-24th August

Cost: €70.00 per child per week

Activities: Beanbag Games, Scooters, Long Jump, Relay Races, Parachute, Discus, Arts and Crafts, Gymnastics and lots more.

 Children will need to bring:

  • Lunch
  • Drinks
  • Appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Rain Jacket
  • Change of clothes in case of mishaps (younger children)
Camp Terms and Conditions
1/ Payment is regarded as acceptance of the terms and conditions. 2/ Full payment is needed to secure the place on the camp. 3/ No refunds are made for cancellations unless medical cert is supplied. 4/ Any participant whose conduct is deemed by the camp manager to be detrimental to the best interest of the programme will be dismissed-no refund given. 5/ While every reasonable care will be taken for the care and well being of your child, Shoreline Sports Park cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred or loss/damage to property. 6/ Shoreline Sports Park shall not be responsible for children left unsupervised at the Park before 10.00am