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Parent & Tadpole

Our Parent and Tadpole classes will help you and your little one to learn the beneficial swimming techniques such as how to swim with your baby above and below the water and how to teach your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. Equally important, our parent and tadpole swimming classes provide the most overwhelming bonding experience.

Our classes take place on Tuesdays. Our 10am class is aimed at 4 months -1 year while our 10.30 class is for 1-2 years. The class aims to prepare your little one for future swim lessons. Parents take part in the class while the teacher helps to teach you water confidence and key lifesaving skills throughout the class. The class is delivered in a fun and relaxed environment (plenty of sing song and games throughout the class) meaning both you and your little one feel assured and relaxed through the class. Each term is an 8 week block lasting 30- minutes per a class.

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Benefits of Our Parent and Tadpole Class:

One of the main benefits of baby swimming is that it starts building water confidence early. Weekly classes maintain your baby’s development – using building blocks of development and progressive practices. Our swimming classes are structured to ensure babies are constantly and continuously stimulated.

Swimming helps to improve coordination and balance. Because much of your baby’s body is supported by water, the main focus for them is on maintaining balance. On the whole, babies who swim have a much better balance out of the pool.

Swimming helps to build muscles. Working and strengthening all of their muscles effectively helps to make them stronger. Swimming strengthens your baby on the inside. While swimming will help to develop their muscles and joints, it also improves the strength of their heart and lungs, and helps to develop their brain.

Swimming provides quality bonding time. During your time in the pool your little one has your undivided attention for the duration, also during our swim classes, babies interact with others in a fun and happy social environment.

Swimming builds water confidence. Many parents pass on an uneasiness of water to their children because they themselves are not confident swimmers. Going in the water with your baby will not only make them more assured about being in and around water, it can build your confidence too!

Water is a natural environment for babies, in which they feel safe and secure. Weekly baby swim classes further develops the bond with your baby and many parents/guardians tell us that that their baby’s sleeping and feeding improves. Starting to swim at an early age familiarises children with water and gives them the confidence to swim below the water level.

For More Information Please Contact Reception @ 01-2878180 or Email Us @ swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie