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Important Swimming Lessons Information: Swim School Members

Our Children’s Swimming lessons (Level 1-5) have started back since Monday 5th July. Please note it is the responsibility of each swim member to keep active on your personal Homeportal. Updates regarding cancelled classes, any change in swim times, days and new starting dates will always be updated and live on your HomePortal.

Please email swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie with any swim school membership queries.

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Looking To Join Our Swim School?

At this moment we are currently full within our swim school. We do not have a set date for our next enrollment. Please keep an eye on our social media outlets and website for further updates regarding our next swim intake.

Important notice: We will not have any level 1 spaces on offer until next year (2022) due to a backlog of current swim school members. We do not take a waiting list for any level within our swim school. Any queries please email swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie