Greystones Disability Access

Shoreline Leisure Disability Mission Statement

It is the aim of Shoreline Leisure Greystones to make our centre and all activities accessible to all members of the community. The management and staff strive to achieve an inclusive sports centre where all people of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Our sports centre aims to include all adults and children in every aspect of the centre’s programmes. When necessary, support and training is given to teachers or instructors to assist them to adapt classes to include all users. All staff are given in-service training and the option to participate on training courses.

We encourage young people with disabilities to participate in our activity camps and lessons and will adapt our structures and planning to include every child to the fullest if their ability.


  • Promote positive attitudes towards people with disabilities
  • Encourage participation by people with disabilities in all the services we provide
  • Promote and support the employment of people with disabilities
  • Provide universal accessibility; all environments of the leisure centre should be accessible by everyone. (Controlled by Part M of building regulations (2000)

Employment Policy

Shoreline Leisure are committed to our responsibilities in relation to Trade and Employment under the Disability Act 2005 and the Employment Equality Acts 1998, amended 2004. Shoreline Leisure understands that it is illegal to discriminate on grounds of disability in employment, promotion or training, and as employers we must reasonably accommodate people with disabilities to do their job, where the cost is not disproportionate.

Carers’ Policy

The purpose of our Carers’ policy is to ensure equal access for all those who wish to attend Shoreline Leisure Centre and participate in any of the various facilities available. Our Carers Policy states that a carer accompanying a person with a disability, who cannot access the facilities alone, may with written confirmation use the facility free of charge.

Social Story

Shoreline Leisure Greystones has developed a Social Story document to aid careers with overcoming a number of intellectual distillates. This document is downloadable for use in advance of visitors arrival. Please click on the link to download the PDF. Shoreline Leisure Social Story

Active Hands – Assisted Grip

Shoreline have invested in Active Hands, which make gripping aids that gently, yet firmly hold your hand into a gripping shape enabling you to hold tightly onto objects from hammers to garden tools; gym equipment to wii controllers; ski-outriggers to boat tillers; adaptive bike handles to musical instruments; and many more. These gripping aids are designed so that the user can put them on independently.

active grip 3 active grip 1

active grip 2