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Children Lessons

At this moment we are unable to take any new members. Please keep an eye on our social media outlets and website for further updates regarding our next swim intake. Any queries please email swimschool@shorelineleisure.ie

Here in Shoreline Leisure Greystones we have experienced and qualified instructors that can cater for all levels of ability, from the nervous swimmer to advance swimming We not only aim to teach your children to swim, but to help them develop an understanding of the water. Our teachers create a fun and relaxed environment in which your child can actively develop their swimming skills. Our children’s lesson run on an 8-week Term in which we provide a selection of days and times for you to choose from. Our swim lessons take place on Monday – Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Each time slot has 5 levels for your child to be assessed and placed in. We cater for children aged 3 up to 16 years of age.

Ducklings: *not operational during current restrictions

Children’s Lessons

Aimed at children between the ages 3 and 4 years, the classes serve as an introduction to the core lessons which usually start from 4 years old. Basic principles are introduced during this lesson such as putting their face in the water, blowing bubbles, flotation, and submersion. Ducklings help to improve and build upon the child’s confidence in and around water and prepare them for a more structured class. The emphasis is on play and fun, as at this early stage it is very important that children are happy in water before they progress to our full lesson programme.

Ducklings takes place on Saturdays only and is a 30min Class

Level 1-Level 5

Children’s Lessons

Aimed at children from age 4 years upwards. We provide a comprehensive swimming programme for all swimming ability. All of our instructors are fully qualified and experienced. Throughout each level we have specifically designed criteria to help develop and encourage swimmers to acquire the skills necessary for swimming and are flexible to the ever-changing needs of each child within our lessons. We follow a progressive syllabus to help each child progress through each level.

Our lessons are suitable for complete beginners to competitive swimmers. Each swim lesson is devised in small groups meaning our students can build a trusting connection with our teachers which we find imperative to teaching swimming lessons. Our continual feedback through our Coursepro swim system and positive, open communication ensures each child is always learning and growing and individuals are addressed by name by our engaging, fully-qualified teachers.

We track every child’s progress through our Coursepro Swimming System http://shorelineleisure.ie/coursepro/ so we can share improvements and achievements in their swimming classes with their parents on a live feed . We offer a variety of days and times for our Children Swimming Lessons. At 40 minutes per lesson, sessions are designed to work with the child’s maximum concentration and energy levels.

Children’s lessons take place Monday- Thursdays and on Saturdays

Children Lane Training *not operational during current restrictions

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

Our Children lane training is aimed at those that have completed our level 5 lessons or equivalent in another centre. this is the next stage of your child’s swimming lessons. In lane training they will improve on their own skills and techniques of the four competitive strokes, starts and turns. Our lane training helps to increase swim stamina including lifesaving backstroke, sidestroke and treading water.

Lane training will develop all strokes over 100m +, using correct breathing technique. The skills of safe dives & tumble turns will be developed and timed swims will also be introduced during this level. We have three different levels for your child to progress through from beginner , intermediate to advanced.

Children Lane Training takes place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays at 7pm . It is for up to 16 years old who have completed over level 5 or equivalent in another centre