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Greystones, Mill Road 01 2878180
Sports Park, Charlesland 01 2016145

Charlesland Tennis & Basketball


Tennis Prices (per hour) Off Peak 10.00-6.00pmPeak 6.00-10.00pm
Adult €4.00N/A
Child (Under 18)€2.00N/A
Court (4 persons) €10.00 no floodlights€10.00 no floodlights
€15.00 floodlights€15.00 floodlights

Basketball Court PricesOff Peak 10.00-6.00pmPeak 6.00-10.00pm
Adult Rate€4.00N/A
Child Rate€2.00N/A
Court (Group rate) €15.00 no floodlights€15.00 no floodlights
€20.00 with floodlights€20.00 with floodlights

Online Bookings

  • All Tennis Courts and the Basketball Court can now be booked online
  • Click the Green Link below to check availability and book now
  • If you have never booked with us online, click the following tabbook online
  • Enter your contact details
  • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you entered
  • Click the link and you are brought into the booking area
  • Click ‘Make a Booking‘ on the left hand column
  • Click ‘Facilities’
  • Choose the ‘Activity’
  • Click ‘View the Timetable’
  • Click the time and date you wish to book
  • Select a Court- 1/2/3 or Basketball
  • Click ‘Add to Basket’
  • Click ‘Ok’
  • Click ‘Agree to the terms and conditions’
  • Click ‘Pay by Card’
  • Enter Card Details and confirm
  • Please note on Payment may be indicated in Sterling however it is actually Euro being deducted from your account
  • Payment must be made in full to complete your booking
  • At time of booking, inform Staff at Reception that an online booking was made

Book Online

Click How To Make An Online Booking for step by step process on how to register for online bookings

Child Admission Policy

  • Children under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult