ILAM Winner of Overall Leisure Centre 2015 & 2016

Bray, Southern Cross Road 01 2765660
Greystones, Mill Road 01 2878180
Sports Park, Charlesland 01 2016145

Charlesland Tennis & Basketball


Tennis Court Prices (Per Hour)
Tennis Court Prices (Per Hour)
Adult €4.00
Court (4 people)€10.00
Court (4 people) with lights€15.00
Equipment 2 Rackets and Balls€4.35

Basketball Court Prices ( per hour ) euro €

Off Peak (10.00-6.00)

Single Rate 1.40
Court (Group rate) 14.40

Peak (6.00-10.00pm)

Court (Group Rate)14.40
Court with Lights19.20

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