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Charlesland Adult Programmes

Adult Programmes

Buggy Buddys, 10.15-11.15 €8.00 PAYG Fit4Life Running 10.00-11.15am €3.50 per class Fit4Life Running 10.00-11.15am €3.50 per class
Buggy Buddys, 10.15-11.15 €8.00 PAYG Buggy Buddys, 10.00-11.00am €8.00 PAYG
Dance4Fun 11.30-12.15 €35.00 per term €5.00 per classActive 55 11.30-12.30 €3.50 a classActive 55 11.30-12.30 €3.50 a class
Beginner to Winner 6.00-7.00pm €3.50 per classBeginner to Winner 6.00-7.00pm €3.50 per class
Fit4Life Running 8.30-9.30pm €3.50 per classStep Into Fitness 7.15-8.00pm €4.00 per classFit4Life Running 8.30-9.30pm €3.50 per classLadies 5-A-Side Football 7.30-8.30pm


    • The Fit4Life running programme was developed to encourage people to take up running or to come back into the sport.

    • The programme is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and abilities and all participants complete the session at a pace that is suitable for them.

    • The programme aim is to bring people together to train with others of similar ability in a fun and sociable environment.


    • Beginner2Winner is a new programme set up for absolute beginners, with little or no fitness levels who what to get fitter and healthier.

Buggy Buddy’s

    • Buggy Buddy’s is an exercise programme with a difference where mums can bring baby along to their workout sessions.

    • It is an outside class where Parents and their babies will exercise effectively together.

    • Parents will use their buggies throughout most of the session interacting with both their baby and other Parents.

    • Classes are held on the Athletic Track and Indoors if raining.

Active 55

  • This Programme is for the older adult with its main focus on core movements that will improve mobility, flexibility, muscular strength and aerobic fitness.

Step Into Fitness

  • Indoor Fitness class. Fun way of getting fit, exercise to music. Working the whole body. Suitable for all fitness level.

Ladies 5-A-Side Football

  • Would you like to learn how to play football? We run a womens only football class every Thursday evening.

  • Each week we will learn new skills and play a match

  • All levels of fitness and ability are welcome.